Christoph Belak

Teaching at TU Berlin

Summer Term 2023

  • Probability Theory III (Lectures)


Winter Term 2022/23

  • Probability Theory II (Lectures)


Summer Term 2022

  • Probability Theory I (Lectures)
  • Reinforcement Learning (Seminar)


Winter Term 2021/22

  • Machine Learning with Financial Applications (Lectures, with Christian Bayer)
  • Reinforcement Learning (Seminar)


Summer Term 2021

  • Mathematical Finance II (Lectures)


Winter Term 2020/21

  • Mathematical Finance I (Lectures)


Summer Term 2020

  • Mathematical Finance II (Lectures, with Christian Bayer)
  • Stochastic Control and Portfolio Optimization (Seminar)


Winter Term 2019/20

  • Mathematical Finance I (Lectures)


Summer Term 2019

  • The Filtering Problem and Portfolio Optimization under Partial Information (Seminar)

Teaching at University of Trier

Summer Term 2019

  • Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Finance (Lectures, with Frank Seifried)


Winter Term 2018/19

  • Stochastic Processes (Lectures)
  • Finance C / Foundations of Mathematical Finance (Lectures, with Sebastian Geissel)


Summer Term 2018

  • Stochastic Analysis and Mathematical Finance (Lectures)


Winter Term 2017/18

  • Stochastic Processes (Lectures)


Summer Term 2017

  • Levy Processes (Seminar)


Winter Term 2016/17

  • Stochastic Control and Optimization (Lectures)

Teaching at TU Kaiserslautern

Winter Term 2014/15

  • Interest Rate Theory (Lectures, with Frank Seifried)


Summer Term 2014

  • Continuous Time Portfolio Optimization (with Jörn Sass)